Christina Gleason

Founder, Executive Chef
Brief info

Founder and Executive Chef, Christina Everett Gleason, also known as Chef Nina, has an extensive background in Culinary Arts, Catering the masses, Child Nutrition, and with non profit programs. She is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, and with over a decade of impressive trained experience amongst many other respected chefs in the industry. She has recently developed a non profit related program for the youth. "I never thought of myself as this glorious chef. I thought of myself, as a humanitarian that simply has a passion to feed and serve others, and how better can we serve together to bring opportunity as a collaborative effort with a platform such as this." She is considered to be a visionary, gifted and raw with her talents. Her style is simply crafted with delicacy.

If you were a staple in the kitchen, what would you be?
"I'm an onion. Peel me. It will make you cry."

Thanks Chef Nina for your hospitality.